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Where Amazing Happens…
June 10, 2009, 10:00 am
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nba_finals_2009_logoEvery year the National Basketball Association treats us to a fantastic show to kick off the rest of summer, the NBA Playoffs. And as they bump shoulders with the hundreds of other shows on TV, the NBA and its partners (Nike and Kia to name a couple) have bombarded the airwaves with promotions for the coveted NBA Finals. Though the Kobe vs. Lebron puppet ones start edging towards the borderline annoying (too bad the Cavs dropped out) and the movie spots are just terrible, the most memorable commercials were created by the NBA itself.

“Where Amazing Happens” was a campaign that lead up to the start of the NBA Playoffs, with clips from various games from the season were played in slow motion in black and white. Players such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Yao Ming and Dwight Howard are showcased in this collection of NBA’s future Hall of Famers.

With the Playoffs beginning, the NBA decided to take this campaign to the next level with its series of spots highlighting “Amazing Playoff Moments”, hitting home to the history that the NBA has developed and to appeal to the generation that saw those moments unravel. I never saw Larry Bird’s steal, Magic Johnson’s hook or Dr. J’s reverse layup (I did see Kobe to Shaq’s alley oop), but with the status that those players currently hold at the Naismith Hall of Fame it truly represents something amazing. The way these spots are shot truly set the emotion for the event, as they blend from empty stands, to a full crowd, to an empty court – symbolizing that this is now a memory in all our minds.

As we watch history unfold in the Magic – Lakers finals series, here’s some moments from the past from players who have made history.

What is interesting is that Dr. J’s video has the least number of views – could that be indicating the end of an era?