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What Goes Around Comes Around

what-goes-around-rifle-posterAs technology races forward, we are constantly looking for new, cutting edge ways to pass messages along to the consumer. It seems that nowadays, if you’re not online, mobile or viral, then you are lagging behind the pack.

There are still, however, plenty of opportunities in our advertising world to break out and push the limits with what is available around us. And without the big budgets that some of the larger advertisers are packing. This includes non-profits, for which many shops do pro-bono work.

A campaign that has made headlines in the ad world (and award shows) is a recent outdoor series from Big Ant International, a boutique shop in New York City started in 2006 by SVA grads. With an impressive client list to their name, the shop has managed to really blow one out of the park with the recent “What Goes Around Comes Around” posters.

Designed as posters that wrap around concrete poles, the brilliance behind the concept is its simplicity. The continuous image speaks larger than most words, and the included copy solidifies the message, hammering home the point that like a circle, a war sees no end.

Brilliant work from a group of talented professionals. The judges at the Clios and D&AD awards thought so too. 

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