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The 4P’s Applied
October 26, 2008, 10:55 pm
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A while back I wrote about the 4P’s, an idea passed down to me by one of my mentors – John Bowman at Saatchi & Saatchi. 

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful, albeit stressful, opportunity to test this theory. Unfortunately, I had run into a few visa problems when trying to re-enter the country on my student training extension. Within a week I was:

  • Denied entry to the US on both my visas – extensive time at the border
  • Stranded in Canada with just the clothes on my back, my car, my laptop and my camera
  • Informed on the day I was supposed to start work in the US that I would have to wait 6-10 weeks for an appointment in Canada
  • Flying back to Indonesia the next morning, arriving the following evening
  • Appointment and interview at the US embassy the next morning
  • Fly back a week later – complete with “random” screenings on ever leg
  • Flying through Chicago to get to Toronto – and getting stopped at the border again
  • Taking just a 6 hour break between 45 hrs of flight travel and an 8 hr drive
The entire process was mentally and physically straining, but it was important to remember that there was always an answer to all of the questions, and the end was always there. The goal was to make sure I wasn’t away long enough to lose my job. I returned – beaten and battered – to start work two weeks after I was supposed to.
Persistence is key, and I know that I learned through this personal experience that the 4P’s are true. 

Passion Plus Perseverance Prevails

  • Fuel your passion
  • Steel your resolve to persevere
  • Picture yoursellf prevailing over obstacles
  • Achieving goals

Trusting Your Gut
November 27, 2007, 2:55 am
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In the past few weeks I have discussed with many different people the concept of instinct. I can’t believe I haven’t written about it yet.

Personally, I believe that some people have or develop an innate ability to read/decipher a situation without having a logical reason as to how this process happens. This is called the gut or the instinct. Sometimes, your gut feeling pulls you one way, whereas logic and reason pulls you the other way. On some occasions, your gut may be right. On others, it may not. Some people have trained their instinct a little more, some people are just born with it.

Do you think that somebody who is very good at what they do calculates the pros and cons of the situation every single time? After a while, the processes become innate to the point where the person simply knows which decision is good or bad.

I came across an interesting article today on Newsweek.com.  In his piece “Less (Information) Is More”, Wray Herbert discusses a new take on the strength and credibility of trusting your gut.

Check it out! “Less (Information) Is More”

Be prepared
October 25, 2007, 5:41 pm
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One thing that I would like to emphasize strongly is the concept of always being prepared. You never know who you can run into during the day, and it’s a good idea to be ready from a professional standpoint to deal with it.

This doesn’t mean you have to fold up a resume and keep it in your pocket at all times. However, it would be a good idea to carry around a set of business cards. In your wallet, in your car, in your bag. That way, if one place runs out unexpectedly (though you should always keep track), you will have a backup.

Why is this important you ask?

Today I had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Steen to chat about a few things at a coffee shop. In the middle of our conversation, he noticed that a friend of his had come into the coffee shop. He introduced me to Cheryl. Cheryl is a recruiter/headhunter, a person who can help you find a job after graduation. I had remembered to refill my business cards in my wallet the night before, so I handed her one. She didn’t have one, but because she had mine, she has a way to contact me. If I didn’t have my cards, this would be a lost opportunity.

Not only are business cards a great way to pass on contact information, as a college student it represents a level of maturity that stands out from others. It proves that you are responsible, driven, but most importantly mature and serious. It shows that you have a strong attitude about your future.

Do you have your business cards ready? How have they helped you before?

Stuff Happens
October 3, 2007, 1:37 am
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As much as you would like to try, you can’t be perfect everyday. Stuff happens.

You studied for a large exam for the past 3 weeks, and blanked out as soon as the exam occurred. You tried to make time for lunch, but something else popped up. You ordered a sandwich and realized you wanted a salad. You locked your keys in the house/dorm and none of your roommates are around.

Stuff happens.

What you can do, is take it light-heartedly. An exam score is just a number on a sheet of paper. You can eat later. Sandwiches are healthy too. You can go visit with other people while your roommates are gone.

The most important thing to do in situations like this is to look at the situation from another point of view. It is not the end of the world if any such situations happen. Sometimes stuff just happens, and there’s absolutely no way anyone can explain why it happened.

We are like cars. Our body and soul requires maintenance to keep us running. Food is our fuel. We don’t run properly if some parts are broken. And, just like cars, on some days we just don’t work as we should. Just as a car won’t start on a cold day, your body and mind may not start on a bad day. In either situation, it’s not the end of the world. You can take a bus and try to start the car the next day. Instead of groveling about how bad the day is, you can take a different point of view, take it easy, and come back the next day and try to start the right way.

It’s all about attitude.

Keep this in mind

“I don’t have a cent
Will I pay my rent
And even my car doesn’t work
Me and my man, he’s the one
To die for, we have split up

Can’t you see, life’s easy
If you consider things
From another point of view”
– db boulevard


And Remember

“The most successful people are those who are good at plan B.”
– James Yorke

The Importance of Change
October 1, 2007, 10:11 pm
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Change is important.

A change of location, a change of image, a change of attitude or a change of lifestyle can all bring benefits.

After being in the same situation for extended periods of time, people become accustomed to and comfortable with their lifestyle. Although we always seek that comfort, it is good to keep in mind that change is also important.

Change challenges the body, the mind and the soul. It opens you up to new horizons, and forces you to adapt to your new environment. Change re-invigorates you.

In the last few months I had gone from






In a matter of days/weeks.

Each place has its own culture, values, lifestyle and speed at which everything is moving. By changing location, you open yourself up to many new experiences that may even change your outlook on life itself.

How can you change?

– Pick up a new hobby
– Study Abroad
– Wake up earlier and start a new routine
– Be adventurous (food and other experiences)
– Get a new haircut, new clothes (remember, clothes can make you feel like a million bucks)
– Do something spontaneous during the day

And remember, just because you are comfortable with where you are doesn’t mean that you are experiencing life to the fullest! If change ever sneaks up on you, you’ll be ready to deal with it!

Plugging Into The Community
September 26, 2007, 12:23 am
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We recently had the opportunity to listen to a presentation by Adam Steen from Transition Capital Management. He discussed a variety of different subjects, but what interested me the most were his points and advice for communicating in college.

1. Get Networked
– Each person is a resource
– Get the courage to add value
– Creating a blog as a resource –> blog can network for you

2. Create Success For Others
– What goes around comes around
– Helping others is a great way to help yourself too

3. Don’t Hesitate to go to Lunch or Coffee
– There is a 0% chance if you don’t try
– Professionals, more likely than not, want to help students in college (have you seen “Catch Me If You Can”?)

4. Read everything you can, but don’t believe everything
– Reading a variety of opinions is a great way to create a well-rounded opinion about different topics

5. When you get in a jam, THINK
– Don’t let constraints bother you!

Ethical Responsibility
September 13, 2007, 11:08 pm
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We had a speaker come into our Journalism Ethics class a few days ago, and he made some strong, valid points. Larry Fish is the Chairman of the Royal Bank of Scotland group, and was present at our school, his alma mater, to discuss a variety of issues faced by leaders today.

A few of the most important points he made were:

“You will not be successful if you’re not ethical”
– Guilt and remorse are emotions that hang around for a long time

“There are no B+’s in Ethics”
– It’s either pass or fail. There is no grey area. You’re either ethical, or you’re not.

“You will never recover from a bad ethical decision”
– The way human nature has developed, guilt and remorse is an emotion that we feel quite frequently. With ethics it is the same. Just as you feel bad after buying something, you will have second thoughts when making an ethical decision. And just as you will feel bad for a long time when buying something that you don’t need or can’t afford, you will feel bad for making a bad ethical decision.

A strong belief in ethics adds to your personal brand, strengthening You, Inc.