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You, Inc.
August 19, 2007, 11:21 pm
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This concept is not new in the world of business, and after reading Andy Drish’s Blog entry about things he had learned during his internship, I decided to build on this idea.

You, Inc. is a strong step for a student still in college in terms of growing maturity and accountability for one’s actions. This is especially essential during experiences such as Andy’s, when being surrounded by not only professionals and future employers, but people you may look up to.

In the ever changing world today, I believe the first step in developing your own personal brand is by outlining your beliefs and values. One of my colleagues at my internship mentioned that as long as one works, they must never compromise their values. Just like a brand must effectively develop its foundations before sending out their message, You have to do that too. By getting a grasp of these values, you can project a stronger image of themselves by focusing on the strengths.

After identifying these values, it’s important to keep them consistent. On top of that, it is also essential for you to follow through on all of these beliefs. If you determine that you value punctuality, don’t be late. If you value respect for all people, don’t be condescending to anyone.

Personal branding can also be taken to the extent of creating a personal website or blog, and applying the color scheme or style of the site to one’s business cards. Martin Lindstrom mentioned that one of the strongest aspects of brands is consistency (example: the Pentium tune has been in every commercial since 1990). A personal website is also a great place to conveniently place a resume for people to access.

Why is a personal brand important?

Because just like with any other brand in the world, people talk. If the engine of a car with a 10 year warranty randomly explodes, it will be the talk of the car industry. This is the same in terms of You, Inc. If you underperform or fail to deliver on a task, people will notice. They will talk about it, and believe me it will not be good.

Think of it this way.

Why would anybody support Ford if their trucks started falling apart? (contrary to their “Built Tough” tagline)

Why would anybody support YOU if you fail to deliver on your promise?


Make your life an exclamation, not an explanation
July 4, 2007, 3:21 am
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It’s funny how much wisdom you’ll find trapped inside a fortune cookie. Usually, it’s not very much. But this time around, I was very intrigued by the comment and decided to keep the slip.

“Make your life an exclamation, not an explanation”

I can’t stress how important this is. There are 6 billion people in the world. And it is the duty of every single one to live their life to the fullest to the best of their abilities. So that years from now, you sit back on that old rocking chair with the feeling that you had truly accomplished something in your life.

I would like to shed the light on two wonderful individuals I have met at Drake University. These young gentlemen are truly out there to make an exclamation of their lives.

Steve Amos
With the help of his brother and a couple of close friends, Steven saw a vision and created it. Out of his vision spawned Student Films Across America, a student film festival that is travelling across the country, showcasing movies that have been sent in for judging. He has spent a year of time and effort putting this event together. I attended today’s screenings in New York, and I was impressed. Here is Steve, between his sophomore and junior years in college, travelling in a van across the United States, screening films for a festival he organized. Talk about an exclamation with a capital !.

Check out Student Films Across America and see if you can catch any dates in your city.

Andy Drish

If you know this person, you will understand that there isn’t a complete set of words to describe how inspirational he is to others. Andy has not only set up a group which helps underclassmen with their business image, but currently writes a blog. His vision is to write a book and travel around the country and the world, speaking the wise words he preaches on his page.

People like Andy are remarkable. He will definitely make his life an exclamation. Check him out at Connecting in College

These young gentlemen are fine examples.

So how are you going to make your life an exclamation?