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Dawn – Effective Cause Marketing

So by now everyone has heard of what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP. Oil. Craziness.

Interestingly enough, Dawn dish soap has previously foraged into responsible marketing in the form of promoting the fact that its dish soap is used to clean off some of the wildlife that has been affected by oil. Dawn would donate money from every bottle purchased to help a cause – the classic concept that has already been championed by brands like Toms and GAP.

So here’s some questions to ask – is cause marketing another attempt to try and build brand equity? Maybe. Are companies jumping on the bandwagon simply to be another me-too? Definitely. Does it always work? Not really.

In this case, however, the campaign works wonders.

Is this spot brilliant? Maybe.

Heartbreaker? Definitely.

Rather than simply slapping on a cause such as supporting Susan G. Komen or Livestrong, the marketers at Dawn had actively chosen to support a cause which utilized their product as well.

Given the turn of events that have happened recently, it would be interesting to see how Dawn sales have been affected.

Now before you say anything, the discussion isn’t centered around exploiting a natural disaster – but using it to educate consumers that Dawn is a responsible brand. Great way to build equity. And with the whole situation in the Gulf, consumers will now be able to associate Dawn with the cleanup effort – that the brand they bought has helped clean the slick.

Will people think twice in the dish soap aisle? You bet.

Let’s just hope that the dawnsaveswildlife.com cause can last for longer than the $500,000 that is the ceiling of the campaign.


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