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Go Humans Go

10adco.500Quaker Oats has been an icon of American culture for more than a century, providing the American people with great products, specifically for the meal that kickstarts anyone’s day – breakfast. March 2009 saw the launch of a brand new campaign, spearheaded by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. And what a campaign it has been.

For the past few years, “Nothing is better for thee than me” headlined the Quaker campaigns, a slogan that worked but was considered out of place for this place and time. Quaker’s image was growing old and it needed to be refreshed (just like all the other PepsiCo brands it seems). Unlike Arnell, which reverted its Tropicana re-brand, Goodby hit this one out of the park.

“Go Humans Go” reads the tagline billboards, digital and television advertisements, fixed with images of the Quaker man and the effect the Quaker brand of products have on its consumers. The ads are crisp, clean and fresh and add a new flavor to the aging brand.

The most memorable are the TV spots – the housewife loading Quaker Cans into her husband’s jetpack before he flies off to work. A simple concept represented through fantastic execution.

The digital presence could, however, be tweaked. The website, http://quakeroats.com/gohumansgo, does not do the rest of the campaign any justice. There is no space for interactivity and is reflective of the corporate, stiff nature that the company was supposed to free itself from with the campaign.

At least Goodby did better than Arnell, right?


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