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Rockstars of Tomorrow
June 5, 2009, 10:00 am
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Marketing something that people can’t really physically see or touch isn’t easy, but that hasn’t stopped Intel from carving out and maintaining a virtual monopoly on processors. Many people don’t even know what a processor looks like, but for the past 15 or so years we’ve managed to associate Intel with the musical notes. (Check out Martin Lindstrom’s BrandSense for some intriguing information about this campaign).

A few weeks ago Intel released a new campaign, it’s first for 3 years, called “Sponsors of Tomorrow”. Taking a step away from the traditional talk about performance, the two spots focus on the culture of the company and the people behind it. And it puts “cool” back into IT.

The first spot features Ajay Bhatt, one of the Rockstars at Intel and co-creator of the USB. As he walks through the break room at Intel, time virtually stops. Brilliant.

The second spot features a camera crew rushing to the release of a new chip, only to find the leader of the event and the entire group looking for the smallest chip in the world. A touch of class and humor.

The group of Intel employees sounding out the classic Intel tune adds another dimension of personality to the company. Wonderful work from a company that is reminding the public about its presence and excellence.

What do you think?


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