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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #10

The Good – Dicks Sporting Goods – Jimmy Rollins

Ever since seeing this spot on TV for the first time, I’ve found it amusing every single time. Jimmy Rollins is at Dick’s (he goes shopping in full gear apparently) explaining to the kids what baseball is really about. He talks about how tough players half to be, all while being hit in the chest by balls ejected from a pitching machine. This commercial speaks to the target audience, is relevant and is definitely memorable. Bonus points for W+K (as if they aren’t creative enough already).


The Bad – Snickers – Patrick Chewing

Having already given my thoughts about this campaign, I am still convinced that it is acquired taste. Some people think that these spots with Patrick Chewing and Master P-Nut are the most hilarious things in the world, and others think quite the contrary. It is definitely an acquired taste, though watching an overweight former NBA superstar destroy a basketball rim isn’t something you get to see everyday. The idea is quite interesting, though the thought of pushing this concept of cool onto the consumer in the age of pull may be a little off beat. Read more here.

The Ugly – World of Warcraft – Ozzy Osbourne

This one’s been out for a while, though the recent flight has seen it appear on the screen a lot more often than before. Celebrity testimonials are usually dedicated to people pushing brands they actually use (or claim to use). Now don’t get me wrong, Ozzy is quite crazy, but I don’t think he (or any other celebrities in these spots) are sitting around playing WoW. Another disconnect is that Ozzy’s career and craziness spanned decades in which current players of WoW probably don’t remember (or weren’t even born yet). Unless Blizzard is trying to target the metal heads of the 70’s? Sorry Ozzy, your 15 minutes of fame were up when you left the stage. Please stay away from reality shows, cellphone commercials and video games. 

What do you think? 


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