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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #9
April 8, 2009, 10:00 am
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The Good – Nike – Tiger Returns

With Tiger’s injury and sabbatical after an impressive US Open victory last year, the rest of the field was reaping the benefits. Evident in this spot, the other players on the tour have been rejoicing with the lack of the Great One on the greens. But their time is up, and Tiger is back. A great homage to one of the sport’s greatest, and a great reminder that he is back at it.


The Bad – T-Mobile – Oversharing

T-Mobile has a collection of pretty decent spots circulating, some of the most amusing including some NBA players as well as the new G1 spots. Not quite as funny as others is this spot – the single father is seemingly being setup on dates by his girls because they have so many minutes in their plan. The icing of the cake is trying to set him up with grandma. “She’s thinks you’re delicious.” Not as funny as it could be.


The Ugly – White Castle – Crave

Now I personally haven’t had the pleasure of dining in the fine establishment called White Castle. From my research, first-hand accounts and some extremely strange films (Harold and Kumar), it’s come to my understanding that people eat White Castle while/after consuming some type of drug. Now with this assumption, generalization I don’t know if addressing the “crave” is promoting this ritual. Either way, the creative is quite poorly executed/shot. I prefer those older spots with the telephone.

What do you think?


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But what’s so great about the first ad is the girl who SAYS the delicious line.

Close your eyes, then when you hear her voice, open your eyes just enough to see the girl. Then immediately close them.

Is she a child or an old woman with a high voice?

Comment by Max Plenke

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