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Axe – Fixing The World One Man At A Time
March 30, 2009, 10:00 am
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Axe helps young men get women. This has been the underlying theme of the brand since 2003, when it repositioned itself to target young college students. Since its launch in the United States in 2002, Axe has hammered home the idea that using its product will make you smell great, and will give you confidence. Its new campaign, strategically named “The Fixers”, is a testament to the sexual charge that has been part of the Axe brand since its introduction in the United States.



The Fixer is a well-dressed, snazzy young man who hosts a show which explores the many facades of a young man’s life. This includes questionable hookups, waking up, talking to good looking women and the be-all-end-all waking up and not remembering – hand in hand with a line of products that seemingly addresses these issues. These products are Snakepeel, Shock, Fever and Recovery, all packaged with their own episodes corresponding to their situations. The Fixer leads the user through the four different experiences, assisted by gorgeous girls in bathing suits.

Right down the alley in terms of Axe’s message, this campaign is a great confluence of media. The ads have been appearing on TV, in print and maintaining a presence online. The TV spot (which can be seen on the site), features a quick run-through a young man’s weekend and how he coped with it (with Axe of course).

With a target market of 18-24, the website contains plenty of content that caters to the college-aged young man. Axe takes the interactivity to another level, introducing pranks for each of the products, including setting up a fake dating site, sending a disgusting video or superimposing a person’s photo into an awkward situation.

Sex-fueled and witty, the Axe Fixers campaign does an excellent job of reminding its customers why it is the best shower gel on the market.

Check it out – Fixers.com 


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