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JetBlue – The CEO’s Guide to Jetting
March 27, 2009, 10:00 am
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The fallout from the economic downturn/recession has affected everyone. People are turning to cheaper products, buying less and saving more. Those at the top of the biggest companies are also feeling the pain – smaller bonuses, more work and less pay (relative to the fat checks of the not-so-distant past).

In an effort to add a little humor to the situation, and to possibly scoop up some new customers, JetBlue has launched a new campaign on the aptly named WelcomeBigWigs.com. Comprising of a collection of three videos that poke fun at those bigshot CEOs, the campaign humorously explains the steps of flying with the “regular people”.

In a time where people are trying to clamp down on spending, JetBlue’s tongue in cheek approach to the campaign brings attention back to the fact that it is one of the nation’s best low-cost airlines. The idea and execution of the campaign are both brilliant. JetBlue’s quirky brand is what provides its creatives with such firepower – I can’t imagine American or United attempting to go down the same track (oh yeah, they don’t have free snacks and DirectTV either).

Finally, with this handy video guide the CEOs will know what to do when taking that cross country flight with the “regulars”.

Check out Welcome Big Wigs, and let me know what you think!


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