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Sensory Branding – An Audio Experience
March 23, 2009, 12:00 pm
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In a world where people are constantly bombarded by flashing images of advertisements and logos, thousands a day, it’s easy to forget the importance and effectiveness of some of the other senses. Marketing Guru Martin Lindstrom touched upon sensory branding in his book BrandSense – a great read that discovers the true power behind the other four senses that complement our sight. He discussed the importance of extending brands onto a 5 dimensional matrix encompassing all five senses.

Sound is one of the most important ways of complementing any kind of advertisement, as it is capable of evoking a wide range of emotions. Sounds and music take a special place in people’s minds, and the right choice can create a truly memorable experience that reminds the consumer of the product/service.

This GE spot does a fantastic job in using the sights and sounds of a film classic. Keeping the song sounding like the original does wonders for GE, creating an association with the classic that touched so many hearts.

This Swiffer WetJet ad is a classic, and has been so recalled that the song has been used in spots for the entire Swiffer line, some even including a broom tempting an unsuspecting housewife with a trail of dirt that leads to the hot tub. The music complements the concept very well.

That being said, sound effects and jingles have also been integral in stimulating brand recall. I can guarantee that most people don’t know what a microprocessor looks like, but through the use of sound, Pentium has managed to develop a brand that has dominated the microprocessor market. These four notes have done wonders:

Most recently, Hefty has also managed to create a brand that has also utilized the power of sound to drive its message across. On top of having a series of spots with Jackie Chan using the Hefty bags to lay the smackdown on the bad guys, most recently the company has focused on the USP of the product – its strength. What better way to get this across than to emphasize its Heftiness?

Not the best spot in the world, but the complementing sound and images are sure to provide product recall for the words Hefty and Wimpy.

Finally, there’s the spots that have utilized sound to quite literally take over one’s mind. Think Filet-of-Fish and that incredibly successful set of $5 footlong ads that have been running for over a year. The creative hasn’t really been the best. What do Godzilla. baseball players and weathermen have to do with each other? Apparently they all eat at Subway.

Either way, this commercial has been truly memorable in that there are people literally walking around, singing the song and making those pretty obvious gestures. In the economy that we’re in, what better way to do lunch than with a $5 footlong?

And here’s that ridiculous spot – Jackie Chan throwing down with Hefty bags:



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