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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #7
March 11, 2009, 3:00 pm
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The Good: Durex – Viral

Funny? Yes. Dirty? Oh Yes. But what do you expect in a commercial for condoms? Brilliant viral video from Durex. Just watch. Over and over again.

And the outtakes:

The Bad: Comcast – Dream Big

Coming from Comcast, this is actually quite a great spot compared to some of the other garbage they’ve been putting out over the years. The visuals are great, and the message comes across pretty clearly through the song. Taking a lesson from Subway and McDonalds, Comcast really went out of their way to make this song annoying too. Annoying, but sticky, the commercial resonates and blows a little fresh air into otherwise consistently stale campaigns. Good spot, terrible music.

The Ugly: Axe – Chocolate Man

Axe is a brand fuelled by sex that can get away with almost anything. With the release of a new bodywash, a new spot hit the airwaves. The Chocolate Man spot promoting the Dark Temptations shower gel keeps the sexual fire burning. For some odd reason though, this spot fails to exploit the brand’s capabilities to the fullest extent. There’s something quite disturbing about that frozen smile, the beady eyes and some of the things the Chocolate Man does. I can’t imagine having someone’s nose crumbled into my ice cream, or rubbing a strawberry on my chocolate belly button. Girls? Check. Sex? Check. Taste? None. Disappointing attempt from a brand that’s cornered the 18-24 male market.


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