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Nike France Viral – Where’s the ROI?
March 10, 2009, 7:08 pm
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Another contribution to Respinning The Web:

A company based on innovation and staying ahead of the curve, Nike’s been adding an arsenal of off-beat marketing schemes to all aspects of their business. Nike Basketball hadKobe Bryant dunking over cars and pits of live snake and Nike Soccer had Cesc Fabregasjuggling while on fire (literally). And as web technology develops at an increasingly rapid pace, Nike is there to make sure it can connect with its customer.

One of the “trends” of our interweb is the increasing use of viral videos, as mentioned in last week’s post about Converse. Some companies do a fantastic job at creating videos that get passed around, Cadbury being one of the best. Who can forget that gorilla playing drums to Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”? Or the Quiksilver viral video of a wave being made on a river with dynamite?


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Viral is effective because it’s considered a word to mouth form a friend or acquaintance reliable recommendation and not seams to be a sale made by
the product/service owner.
That boost the effectivness of the campaign in 100’s percents more and get’s much more exposure.

Comment by Ben Cogan

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