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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #6
March 5, 2009, 10:00 am
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The Good – Heineken’s Last Drop


Following a string of recent successful spots, Heineken does it again. Most of the men in the world have had that “oh sh*t” moment of knocking over a beer at a party – the biggest party foul known to mankind. As the bottle barrels toward the ground, its flashbacks take the viewer through the beer’s life as barley, a bottle and being opened. Brilliant personification of something that many men hold dear to their heart, and something that is worth saving.

The Bad – BK’s Burger Shots


Although not terrible, I don’t think this spot lives up to some of the other extremely creative work that comes out of the offices of CPB. This especially considers all of the opportunities available with idea of mini-burgers/sliders. That being said, by adding beautiful women to the spot it definitely appeals to the male target market that BK has addressed for so long. A decent, but not great reminder of all of the different options available from The King’s lair.


The Ugly – McDonald’s Filet of Fish

Taking a lesson from Subway, McDonald’s gets serious about sensory branding in this recent spot promoting the Filet-o-Fish. Coincidentally beginning with lent (during which many people eat fish on Fridays), the spot features two men working in a garage and a “Billy The Bass” type character singing off the wall. The song is pointless and the tune annoying, but somehow it manages to stick. Maybe annoying customers into buying their Fish burgers might work?



What do you think?


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I will concede – the BK spot smells like a “eh…. we have nothing better lets just use sex” spot.

Excuse me . . . I have to go cry now.

Comment by boguskyrection

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