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You’ve Got The Power
March 2, 2009, 10:30 am
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tropicanaQuite often consumers today feel that companies are pushing their products onto them incessantly. The internet was essentially a refuge from the millions of advertising images seen each day, something that is no longer the case. One thing that the consumer really under-estimates is their true power in the equation of the brand.

Pepsi’s recent rebranding campaign brought mixed reviews from its customers – some agreeing with the changes, while others not agreeing with them at all. Having “refreshed” the packaging for its entire line of sodas, juices and Gatorade, Pepsi had seemingly stepped on hallowed ground with its brand.

Last week, Peter Arnell, CEO of Arnell Group – the company in charge of the rebranding, announced that the Tropicana juice packaging would return to its former design after much scrutiny and complaints from the consumer.

The new design, a glass of juice, focuses on the contents of the box. It is crisp and clean (I actually like it), and the cap is made to look like an orange. Arnell mentioned that the “squeezing” of the cap is to induce images of squeezing the orange. It seems that this overanalyzes people’s fascination with orange juice – there aren’t too many people in the world who are capable of squeezing oranges with just two fingers. This tactile branding attempt might have also been a little better accepted had people actually squeezed fresh orange juice for themselves in the past. Though vehemently defended by Arnell and his group (they were paid big bucks for this), the change was still made.

Customers, yearned for the old design. The image of the orange with the straw, a refreshing package design that may not be as chic and trendy, poses a message that hits home – Tropicana Juice is so natural it is like placing a straw in an orange. And in the consumer’s eyes, this knocked the static image of the glass with juice out of the water. The fresh orange beat the refreshed orange juice.

Plenty of situations like this have happened in the past, and failed rebranding, particulary with old, historical brands, will continue to occur in the future. New Coke of the 90’s, anyone?


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I prefer the look of the “new” orange juice cartons as well. I guess sometimes consumers don’t like change.

I have noticed that recently Pepsi has really had a minimal amount of visual elements on their products. I like this trend, but it does makes some of the packaging (Tropicana especially) look a bit generic and plain.

Comment by PatO

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