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Hang In There Jack
February 16, 2009, 10:24 pm
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jack-bus-200The Superbowl was filled with great, not so great and even some bizarre spots. None of them were as bizarre as the new Jack-in-the-Box campaign. The company saw a $3 million opportunity as a take off point for the newest campaign.

Starting with a spot in which the pseudo-CEO, Jack Box, was hit by a bus, leaving the VP in shock and telling him that everything will be ok. The campaign then heads to the website, Hang In There Jack, with daily video updates, RSS and Twitter feeds as well as a place to write out support. A sign on the right side informs well-wishers that “In lieu of flowers, order anything on the menu, anytime of day. Jack would want it that way.”

Most blogs and snippets I’ve read about this campaign refer to its cheesiness and how it is slightly over the top. That being said, after perusing through the site, it seems that there has been quite some interaction between customers and the brand. That is only on the surface, however, as with the internet we don’t truly know who actually is commenting and clicking. The mobile element of the campaign includes coupons and updates that can be sent by text message to people’s phones.

Despite the various elements of the campaign and its execution, I’d have to agree that it is slightly tasteless with the bus accident, and it fails to address the target audience properly. Was it targeting the people who already eat Jack in the Box, or others? If I wasn’t a customer, why would I care that the guy in the funny hat got hit by the bus? Had Jack Box already had a loyal following like The King, maybe the story would be different.

The Superbowl, however, is a great launching point to try new things (3D Commercials) and to launch new campaigns. Now it’s all up to the creative teams to come up with campaigns that actually live up to the $3 million pricetag.


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The Jack-In-The-Box character is quite distinctive and memorable. Although The King dwarfs Jack in recent history . Jack’s history is in fact much longer, and this gives the ad extra strength.

But it is as “cheesy” as an
Ultimate Cheeseburger.

Comment by PatO

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