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February 2, 2009, 8:40 pm
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This weekend in sports was filled with disappointments. Arsenal drew with West Ham, Federer lost to Nadal and the Cardinals, who so bravely fought back in the game, lost to the Steelers. But this isn’t a sports blog.

The biggest disappointment by far has to be this year’s set of SuperBowl ads. Maybe the recession that’s hitting our economy goes hand in hand with a creative recession in the industry, but overall this year’s representation was disappointing on many levels.

First, when you have companies like Cash4Gold buying spots, you know that there is a problem. Companies with some of the greatest creative don’t even bother because of the ridiculous price tag on the spots. Maybe one year the advertisers should simply boycott the SuperBowl till the rates are capped. Not going to happen anytime soon.

Second, the regulars were disappointing as well. With the history that surrounds Budweiser and the Clydesdale and Dalmatian combo, you’d think that they’d put a little bit more creative thought into the spots. This is the SuperBowl and you are the only beer company running nationally – this is your chance. Let’s hope InBev can do some more change in the company.


For a full review of the spots, stay tuned for a special Super Bowl edition of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, this Wednesday.


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Cap the price on something? Do you think this is the Eastern Block in the 80s! Do you realize that without advertising – America lets the communists win! Is that what you want? Communism?

Comment by boguskyrection


If it means less airtime for MC Hammer, less NBC rip offs of creative already run by Discovery and more creativity – why not?

And don’t they have these caps in things like professional sports?

Comment by Piotr J

I’m calling Joseph McCarthy. Right. Now.

Plus. Everyone knows commies secretly run the NFL and NBA.

Comment by boguskyrection

Your forgot to mention in the sports recap that despite disappointment across the board, Strangers United managed to win their last game of the season.

Comment by Seij

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