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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #4
January 28, 2009, 10:00 am
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The Good – Cisco – Human Network

Revamping a classic, Cisco hit the nail on the head with this one. The Human Network spots have been around for a while, showcasing the way Cisco technology can shrink this global network that our business world has developed (my favorite was the skateboard spot). Adjusting the lyrics to “I Will Survive”, the spot praises the company’s breakthrough technology that allows the human network to grow even closer without breaking the bank. And the song seems fitting for this economy – with Cisco technology, companies can cut costs on travel by bringing people together through video conferencing. The execution of the lyrics wouldn’t exactly make Mrs. Gaynor proud, but the concept and spot are both fantastic.


The Bad – Yoplait – Richard Simmons

In all honesty, Yoplait’s advertising over the past few years hasn’t been that bad, especially with increased pressure from Dannon and other yogurts that have risen from the organic craze. And with shows like “The Biggest Loser” on TV, many of these yogurt companies have been embracing a healthy lifestyle – diet, exercise and a balance in life. Two things that fail to impress about this spot are Richard Simmons and the ladies’ disregarding him. Everyone knows that Richard Simmons is exceptionally boisterous and flamboyant, but his acting in this spot takes it over the edge. The ladies disregarding his advice about exercise makes it seem that Yoplait Light is the answer to losing weight. But one can see through shows like “The Biggest Loser” that it is the balance of all three – diet, exercise and life – that is the real answer to developing and maintaining physical fitness. Or is Yoplait Light the Hydroxycut of yoghurt (which still only works with exercise)?


The Ugly – Palm Centro – Claus

Slightly dated as it came out right before Christmas, I still wanted to shed some light on the fact that this spot is terrible. The concept is simple, Santa is old, gets a Palm Centro and all of a sudden sheds his beard, a few hundred pounds and can outdrive Happy Gilmore on the golf course. Santa Claus, a mysterious being to many children worldwide is just that – Santa Claus. He will always have a large belly, an unbelievably bushy beard and a voracious appetite for milk and cookies. And no technology company can try to convince me otherwise. That being said, the character who plays “Claus”, Santa 2.0, looks awkward, goofy and has an annoying grin/smile that he can’t wipe off his face. I’m sure the Palm Centro has its perks and benefits that rival the iPhone, but don’t try to convince people by ruining a childhood memory.



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Palm should watch Mad Men. Then they would have learned the power of nostalgia from Mr. Draper himself. In fact, Palm should understand nostalgia quite well. They have to be longing for the good old days when the iPhone was just a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye.

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