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January 23, 2009, 12:00 pm
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Having changed their AOR in the last few years, Miller High Life is back on track with some interesting creative. The agency continued to center the brand’s advertising around Wendell Middlebrooks, the roly-poly outspoken MHL delivery man and in my opinion a great personality for the brand. Some previous spots had Wendell walking into a club-suite at a football game and taking the High Life away because it’s drinkers did not appreciate it or teaching some tailgaters that it’s not cool to make turkey burgers.

The Big Game, just over a week away, is the pinnacle of the advertising industry. With prices for a 30 second spot hitting $3 million and the economy heading south, many companies are looking to other alternatives. Instead of competing with companies like Coca Cola and Anheuser Busch (which bought has exclusive rights to the national beer spots), Miller High Life created a series of blinks – ads that you WILL miss if you blink because they are one second long.

The idea was created with the thought that Miller High Life identifies with value. Why would a brand that emphasizes value pay $3 million for a spot? Why not buy a spot with just enough time to say one thing (Smart did this in Germany with radio ads a few years ago).

This is a smart move for the brand as the strategy stays true to its values and identity. By buying 1 second placements in targeted spot markets, they are still covering 60% of the 95 million viewers while paying a fraction of the price. Wendell Middlebrooks, the image that brings personality to the table, is set to do a great job in bringing attention to the brand in such a short time span. Finally, people watching the Super Bowl are already drinking beer. By creating this idea and promoting it before the game, the brand does a great job of reminding people what they SHOULD be drinking while they’re watching the Clydesdales parade across the screen.

This is definitely one of the campaigns to look forward to at this year’s Super Bowl. 

Just don’t blink.

Check out www.1secondad.com for some of the “rejected” spots. My favorite has to be the one where the director yells action and cut before Wendell can say anything.


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I met Wendell in Cabo last year. Great guy.

Anyways. This campaign proves creativity (not just creative) can trump budget. And in a smart way. Advertise the beer before people buy it. Your position is value. Don’t waste money on overpriced media buys. Most of all (because most people won’t think too much about the spots) they use a consistent brand image (Wendell) and viewers will laugh.

Comment by boguskyrection

Sounds like a great idea.

Sidenote that I find interesting: I was prompted to enter my birthday on the link for 1secondad.com. I was redirected to a website for teens about resisting drinking because I am not 21 years of age. If only 21-year-olds are allowed to view the ads online, then I would hope that I am prohibited from watching them during the Super Bowl as well.

Comment by Nate

[…] markets were a great idea, and Wendell Middlebrooks’ personality shines through. I’ve already written about this before, and I stand by my thoughts. Pigskin […]

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