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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly #2
January 14, 2009, 12:00 pm
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The Good – Dominoes Sandwich

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This one popped onto TV the other day. In the words of Matt over at Boguskyrection, the simplicity of CP+B’s strategy in their last few campaigns is refreshing. Instead of a simple comparison like you see in other spots, they take it to the next level (just like the Whopper Virgins). The man is twice as smart as the child (with the sneaky reference to the intelligence of people who choose Subway) and the choir is twice as loud. Personally I have not tried a Dominoes sub, but let’s just hope that the product lives up to the message. 


The Bad – Zicam 

Currently running on a variety of channels, it seems that Zicam has a great project. The execution of the spot is slightly iffy. Nothing is wrong with the way the commercial is shot, but with the special effects. The green that the woman turns to represent the taste that regular medication leaves is too obvious, and slightly gross. What gets me is the extremely unnatural smile she has at the end of the spot. Is she really enjoying the taste of Zicam induced orange juice, or is something else pushing her buttons?


The Ugly – Saved by Zero

This definitely has to be up there with the Casio ads mentioned last week. In the wake of the economic slowdown and car manufacturers slashing interest rates, many agencies scrambled to throw something together for these car companies. With S&S as the AOR, you’d think they’d put a little more effort, creativity and professionalism into these. Not only is the looped song annoying, the spot looks like it was put together in literally a few days. Not to say that anything is wrong with Toyota, they make a great product. It’s a shame that the promotional material doesn’t live up to this.


What are your thoughts? Comments?

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Domino’s Sandwiches taste magnificent on occasion. Long term use might induce fupa symptoms.

How about the Toyotathon spots compounding their misery by declaring the newest promotion “The Toyotathon of Toyotathons!”. Head On, lookout!

Comment by boguskyrection

The above poster is right, the “Toyotathons of Toyotathons” commercials are miserable.

The song on your Toyota commercial example is annoying, but I think it accomplishes its task (much like the Head On commercials for example). The commercial is basic, and you remember it. But, it’s not nearly as annoying and complex as the Toyotathon commercial.

Comment by Eric Jeanneret

@boguskyrection – The Toyota spots have been getting slightly ridiculous.

@Eric I’d have to agree that the song gets stuck in your head, but with unpleasant images. A car is a good that you don’t buy everyday, like say, a Subway sandwich. The 5 dollar footlong song is so successful because you buy lunch everyday and you need to be reminded of these things. With luxury goods like cars which you may buy once every 3 years, you don’t need a constant reminder of what it costs, as I’m sure most consumers spend their time doing all the extra research necessary in purchasing their vehicles.

Comment by Piotr J

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