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Rebuilding Brand America
January 9, 2009, 12:00 pm
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490aa07264a596b66a_scm6bxubzAs the people took to the streets, honked their horns, waved flags and chanted the new president-elect’s name, November 4th proved to be a day for everyone to remember. For the thousands gathered in Grant Park in Chicago to listen to Obama’s acceptance speech, for the millions huddled around TVs and attending election parties nationwide and the billions watching closely worldwide it was the opening of a new chapter. A new chapter for Brand America.

A few days ago a senator stepped up and provided his thoughts that George Bush was the “worst president in the history of the country.” With a consistently low approval rate, even the nation wasn’t confident in the leader’s abilities. What’s worse is that the past 8 years have managed to alienate the United States on a global scale like never before.

Whether President Obama actually follows through on his promises is another story, but the truth is that his election has already boosted people’s views worldwide. With a new, younger image, one that embraces mixed ethnicities and is proof that anyone can be president, Brand America is ready to reclaim its spot as “the beacon of hope” mentioned by MWW’s CEO Michael Kemper in an AdAge article a few weeks ago.

With this new image comes a clean slate – and there is one man holding the power of the paintbrush. The pre-election campaign has proven that in general, we are in good hands. At this point in time, however, this is the extent of the image that can be changed.

Obama’s new administration has a tough shell to crack, and this is a process that won’t last overnight. But with time, careful calculations and an intelligent group of individuals guiding the team, anything is possible. Just as the image of Toyota was revitalized after disasters in the 60’s and 70’s, the rebuilding of Brand America is just around the corner.

Through the use of social media and other breakthrough tools (from a campaign perspective) Obama has managed to paint a fantastic picture of his own brand. Let’s hope he can make this picture come to life.

Check our Change.gov for a preview of what’s in store. 


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while america internally clearly needs improvement, how do you see the world reacting to this change (with your wealth of international perspective?

Comment by boguskyrection

Obama’s image in itself has been a great new re-set to the world image. His international background has allowed the rest of the world to breathe a sigh of relief as it seems that they now have to deal with someone who understands them on their level.

That being said, nothing will be certain until we start seeing results. Bush’s approval rating did start pretty high, right?

Comment by Piotr J

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