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Fire Meets Desire

bk3One thing that you don’t see too often in the advertising industry, is a budget that includes some viral work. Certain brands tend to stray this way, and one of these is Burger King.

After I lambasted their Whopper Virgins campaign two weeks ago, CP+B and Alex have redeemed themselves with an interesting concept that really has nothing to do with the flame-grilled objects of desire served at Burger King.

Enter FireMeetsDesire.com.

One thing that food establishments are always associated with is scent. But not very many of these scents are available as perfume for purchase. FireMeetsDesire is based on “Flame” a new perfume from BK that “sets the mood no matter what mood you’re in the mood for.” Described as the “scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat”, spraying the bottle takes you through a variety of moods and scenarios, with a great selection of 80’s groove in the background.

And for some Whopper-addicts, it’s even available for purchase.

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You are right, Flame is genius. Alex et al do it again.

Crispin gets lots of attention for their crazy creative, but their adverproducts often go overlooked.

Crispin is really addressing the old as time 80/20 cliché. Hard-core BK fans eat up these products (Flame, BK Masks, XBox Games), and in turn not only tell their friends (who might blog about it) but also purchase the item. The consumer is paying for advertising. Pushing branded products is a fine line, but CP+B continues to shove the line while turning the willing King aficionados into walking billboards.

Long live Alex.

Comment by the King

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