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Meet The Ungiftables
December 15, 2008, 12:10 pm
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ungiftablesWhat do the critical mother-in-law, emo nephew and cutesy couple all have in common? They’re all impossible to shop for and they send people scrambling for the right gifts right before Christmas. This year CafePress, an online custom gift retailer, comes to the rescue with “The Ungiftables”. With their ingenuity and a little viral action, the idea could become one of the talking points of the season.

At first site (pun intended), Ungiftables.com features a spread with all of the characters, from the cutesy couple to the conspiracy uncle. Click on one of them and it takes you to another site featuring a collection of short video clips of the person hounding you to make a choice, and letting you know how difficult this person can be. The nosy neighbor keeps asking questions based on what she saw in the trash, and the vege-liberal activist discusses the next protest she will attend. While these videos are rolling, sliders allow you to select how much you want to spend, and a question based on the type of person (mother-in-law’s question is “What do you do when she comes to visit?” Slider ranges from “clear out the guest room” to “clear out of town”). What better way to alleviate the exasperation than with a little bit of humor?

With the availability of hundreds of thousands of ready-made t-shirts, mugs and other knick-knacks, and the possibility of customizing your own, CafePress hits the jackpot with a light-hearted take on the beauty (or not) of Christmas shopping. By positioning itself as the place that customers can find anything, even for those who are the hardest to shop for, CafePress is taking advantage of the seasonal increase in consumer expenditure. And with the shape of the economy, CafePress may be the solution to finding some customized, less expensive gifts.


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