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Gather ‘Round The Good Stuff
November 14, 2008, 12:00 pm
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coc-pizza-photo_finalAs innovation and technology blazea a trail through our society, various companies have been trying their best to jump onto the bandwagon in reaching out to their customers. When the telephone became more and more common, restaurants started taking orders over the phone. For the past few years, many food establishments have been using the Internet to place orders. Without leaving your computer, you can order your pizza, sandwich or other meal, track its progress (Domino’s Pizza Tracker) and even get notified through text message that your order is ready. The recent explosion of social media on the internet has taken this even further.

According to a recent article on AdAge.com, Pizza Hut has created a Facebook application through which users can order their Pizza without even leaving their profile page. Lazy or not, Pizza Hut is really taking advantage of technology. Not only are customers able to order their food without leaving one of the most visited pages of the Internet, the brand creates an omnipresence in its users’ minds. Without having to spend extra dollars on advertising, Pizza Hut will always be there – right in the profile – waiting for you to complete your next order.
There are two reasons I think this idea is brilliant.

  • First of all, brands should strive to aid in making their customers’ lives easier. How much easier can it get than ordering food without leaving your Facebook profile page? Not only does the presence of the application help remind people about Pizza Hut, the applications’ possibilities allow people to associate fast ordering and delivery with the brand. 
  • Secondly, one of the hidden beauties of adding applications is collecting data. Users who add applications opt-in to the application having access to their profile – a marketer’s dream.

Not only does Pizza Hut help make the college guy’s life that much easier, but it collects as much information as possible to get an insight into what its customer likes. Using this information, it can tailor future campaigns, promotions and even prepare targeted advertising for certain sections of its demographic. All this while still making fantastic large supreme pizza pies.


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