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This is Sportscenter
November 12, 2008, 10:16 pm
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Tapping into a seemingly endless supply of sports icons, the team at ESPN has consistently delivered entertaining short ads for their prime show – Sportscenter. Time practically stops in most men’s lives around 5PM, 10PM and/or midnight as they tune in to watch the day’s sports highlights. Pairing the Sportscenter anchors in awkward situations with known athletes, ESPN succeeds in bringing these superstars down from superhuman levels – in many cases at the expense of the anchors themselves.

The Boston Three Party

The Boston Three Party


Through quick, witty humor the sports channels effectively reinforces the Sportscenter brand. The images of LeBron James, Maria Sharapova or Peyton Manning being pranked, working at the office or wreaking havoc on its employees is a great reminder of just who will be featured on the next highlights show. Who could forget the image of Jimmy Rollins critiquing Scott Van Pelt’s presenting skills, or Dwayne Wade editing his own highlights. 

A staple of the ESPN brand since its launch in 1979, Sportscenter is the foundation of a network that is recognized in practically every household in the US and multiple countries  worldwide. With its already strong brand image, these commercials are there simply to remind the viewers why they are watching – to see Kobe, Manny or Eli do their real jobs. 


Here’s a few of my favorites: 


Tony Romo 

Boston Celtics 

Roger Federer 

Maria Sharapova


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