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Crossroads Marketing Competition
December 30, 2007, 8:44 am
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This past semester I had the chance to sit down with a few people and lay out a concept that we wanted to bring to life. Kathryn Dickel from Swaelu Media, Abbey Robertson from Red Bull North America and I planned on creating a student advertising/marketing competition based on something we had seen at the University of Minnesota.

I strongly believe in the experiential economy, and that people should try to experience as many different things in life as possible. Without trying different things, how can you truly settle on what you like and don’t like?

Anyhow, we decided to team up with the Des Moines Music Coalition with the competition focusing around promoting bands. This way, the teams would have the chance to communicate with local clients face to face, become involved in the community, and come away with important lessons learned and networks created. Each team was assigned a local band, with genres ranging from country to bluegrass and even some heavy metal. Their goal was simple: to come up with a promotional kit for this band that would catch the attention of a venue promoter as the primary target, and a festival promoter as a secondary target. Judging would be based around the idea of Three P’s – Proposal, consisting of a 1 page executive summary outlining the strategy used, Product, consisting of the actual product – the kit, and finally Presentation, which focused on the 20 minutes each team had to pitch their concept to the panel of judges. The judges consisted of a radio promoter, an executive creative director at a local advertising agency, a graphic designer and an owner of a record label.

The teams consisted of between 5-7 people. The teams were divided first by year, so that each team would consist of experienced juniors and seniors to lead the way, and some sophomores and freshman to help and get the hang of the concepts. The second division was by major, either management or creative (graphic design, creative advertising). This way, the teams had not only students with experience as a result of age, but students with experience in the different aspects of marketing and promotion.

…to be continued…


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