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The Effective Handshake
November 12, 2007, 12:48 am
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A few days ago I wrote about the different types of “bad” handshakes.

After attending an etiquette dinner sponsored by our school, I learned a few tips about the most effective handshake.

1. Stand up – It’s important and effective to respect the person by standing up.

2. Extend your hand first – This shows confidence on your part, and your interest in meeting the person

3. Full contact, firm shake – Nobody wants a “dead fish” or the “four finger”

4. 2-3 Shakes – This is enough contact to get the point across. As our educator mentioned, “you don’t want to hold the person hostage”

5. Eye contact – Shows respect and that your full attention is on the other person

6. Smile – Nothing warms the relationship up more than a smile at the end.

Another quick fact that our educator mentioned.

In the first 60 seconds of meeting someone, people make up to 11 judgments.

That’s in 60 SECONDS!

An effective handshake will sway the judgment for the better.


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Here’s a couple questions I’ve had for awhile but didn’t know who to ask: When you have an accidental bad handshake and ‘miss essentually’… do you go back in for a second try? Or do you call it good and hope the other person didn’t care?

Comment by Adam Steen


The handshake takes about 4-5 seconds of that initial contact. That means you would still have about 50-55 seconds to help sway that judgment.

I would think that you would call it good, use that 50-55 seconds to impress, and then upon leaving make sure that your handshake is perfect.

After all, people remember the last things you say or do, right?

Comment by Piotr J

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