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Which Handshake Are You?
November 6, 2007, 12:38 am
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Saw a great article about the importance of a solid handshake.

More often than not, I feel faced with people whose handshakes are ludicrous, and do not reflect on their confidence at all. Here are the worst ones:

“The “macho cowboy”… is the almost bone-crunching clasp many businessmen use to shake hands. What are they trying to prove, anyway? There’s no need to demonstrate your physical strength when shaking another person’s hand.

The wimp… is usually delivered by men who are afraid to “hurt the little lady” when shaking women’s hands. Modern female professionals expect their male counterparts to convey the same respect they’d show their male colleagues.

The “dead fish”… conveys no power. While there’s no need to revert to the macho cowboy death grip, a firm clasp is more powerful than one that barely grabs the hand.

The “four finger”… is when the person’s hand never meets your palm, and instead clasps all four fingers, crushing them together.

The cold and clammy… feels like you’re shaking hands with a snake. Warm up your hand first before grabbing someone else’s.

The sweaty palm… is pretty self-explanatory, and pretty gross. Talcum powder to the rescue.

The “I’ve got you covered” grip… happens when the other person covers your hand with his or her left hand as if your shake is secretive.

The “I won’t let go”… seems to go on for eternity because the other person won’t drop his or her hand. After two or three pumps, it’s time to let go. “It’s a lot like a kiss — you know when it’s over,” Brody says.

The “southpaw”… happens when the person uses the left hand to shake because the right hand has food or a drink. Always carry your drink and plate with your left hand to keep your right one free for meet and greets.

The “ringed torture”… occurs when the person’s rings hurt your hand. Try to limit the number of rings you wear on the right hand to only one or two and be mindful of any that have large stones.”

Just like bad breath, a bad haircut, a bad suit and a bad tie will compromise your reputation, a weak handshake will do no better.

Which one are you? Which one do you dislike the most?


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haha. I hateeeee the ringed torture. And the southpaw, and that two hand clasp. HAHA. this is hilarious but so true

Comment by marketinghelper

[…] Which Handshake Are You? […]

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As a woman I cannot stand shaking another woman’s hand where she offer weak, limp finger tips. *shiver*

Comment by Susan

I would like a woman to have a decent handshake as well. The dead floppy fish is just wrong. Or if a woman gives you her hand like she expects you to lean over and kiss it.

Comment by Piotr J

Had a bone crushing cowboy who played some sort of power game today by trying to squeeze my knuckles – ouch! Memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Comment by Tony

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