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Inspirational Speaking
November 5, 2007, 11:36 am
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Here’s some great tips on creating a riveting and inspirational presentation…

Chris Brogan writes:
Lead with humor.
You have two minutes to make your audience love you. Skip boring preambles and corny jokes. Win them over with a funny story highlighting your keen sense of self-deprecation.

Follow up with a question.
But not because you want an answer—no, your goal is to get everyone thinking about themselves. “I want you to be connected and engaged to what I’m saying,” writes Brogan. “If I’m getting you to stir up internal memories, I’ve snuck in.” Clever, huh?

Go for a walk.
Unless you’re saddled with a fixed microphone, interact with the audience by moving around. No fidgeting.

Speak like a broadcaster.
Vary your volume, stick to short statements and pause once in a while. Banish um and uh from your vocabulary unless you want to put your audience to sleep.

End with an “idea handle.”
Give your audience an idea they can implement as soon as they leave. They’ve given you their time—make it worth their while.

Chris Brogan’s savvy approach to public speaking gets your audience thinking about how your ideas impact their lives—that’s Marketing Inspiration.


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