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October 8, 2007, 12:11 pm
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Consecutive days can sometimes be a rollercoaster ride. One day you wake up and you feel like a million dollars, and the next day you feel like you’ve lost it all. Regardless of whether you are having an up or a down, everyday is a learning experience.

Honestly, in the past week I have had quite the learning experiences, mostly coming from negative things. My exam scores were returned, I had to deal with some integrity issues, I was sick, I shot a wedding on Saturday and I missed a meeting this morning. My brother also came to visit, which was a great turn around to the events.

As difficult as the past few days may have been, I make the effort to turn almost anything, positive or negative, into a learning experience.

I’ve learned:

Take a different approach to studying
Understand the importance of alliances
You win some and you lose some
Take better care of myself (eat and sleep healthier)
Buy a louder alarm clock (or a second one)
It’s about who you know

You could connect this to the concept of Kaizen, that was developed by Toyota in Japan. Kaizen identifies the idea of constant improvement. By identifying positive and negative aspects of your day, you can learn from them and strive to improve yourself.

What have you learned today?


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Today I learned that sometimes it’s easy to think that you are the only person who has bad days but everyone has them.

Also you are the second person whose blogged about the importance of relationships and who you know.

I also like Kaizen it allows a person to be open to hope and new possibilities and not to accept that something is impossible.

I am regulary reading you and Andy’s blogs, it’s nice to listen to your thoughts.


Comment by JO

I like the concept of Kaizen as well. Everyday is a learning experience, the experience you get today only makes you more able tomorrow. Life gives you a chance to improve yourself everyday..

Comment by Nitasha Buldeo

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