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The Importance of Change
October 1, 2007, 10:11 pm
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Change is important.

A change of location, a change of image, a change of attitude or a change of lifestyle can all bring benefits.

After being in the same situation for extended periods of time, people become accustomed to and comfortable with their lifestyle. Although we always seek that comfort, it is good to keep in mind that change is also important.

Change challenges the body, the mind and the soul. It opens you up to new horizons, and forces you to adapt to your new environment. Change re-invigorates you.

In the last few months I had gone from






In a matter of days/weeks.

Each place has its own culture, values, lifestyle and speed at which everything is moving. By changing location, you open yourself up to many new experiences that may even change your outlook on life itself.

How can you change?

– Pick up a new hobby
– Study Abroad
– Wake up earlier and start a new routine
– Be adventurous (food and other experiences)
– Get a new haircut, new clothes (remember, clothes can make you feel like a million bucks)
– Do something spontaneous during the day

And remember, just because you are comfortable with where you are doesn’t mean that you are experiencing life to the fullest! If change ever sneaks up on you, you’ll be ready to deal with it!


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How do you know if you are ready for a change?
How do you know if the change you might be seeking is good for you?
Do you always have to plan for change?

Thoughts would be appreciated


Comment by JO


Knowing when you are ready to change is an innate feeling. Just as a bird knows when it is ready to spread its wings and fly. I think it usually happens when you are feeling a void in your life, or even when life has become too comfortable it feels bland and boring.

Is the change you seek good for you? Yes and no. It’s a good thing regardless of what happens because it takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you think on your feet as to how to react and adjust. Only time can tell whether its a good thing or not. There are many dangers and obstacles for that bird spreading its wings, but it wont find out if it can fly unless it tries.

I don’t think you always have to plan for change. Spontaneity in itself is a change. It really depends on the level you’re trying to classify. Obviously moving cities can be a big change, but it could be something spontaneous as well.

What do you think?

Comment by Piotr J

from the perspective of an older person with a lot of responsibilities to shoulder I can say that spontaneous change is rather difficult to achieve, and change is general needs to be well thought-through before it is attempted. I actually miss the possiblity of just taking a backpack and going off into the sunset on a whim 😉

Comment by mama

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