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September 15, 2007, 12:07 am
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Sometimes, the concept of excess is great. There are many companies out there who consistently overdeliver on the promises that they make. What a great way to retain customers. Customer Service at GoDaddy.com told me that I would be contacted within 48 hours. When I received my phone call 10 hours later, boy was I surprised.

I was reading an article about this concept, and the it could not have been more true. If only I could remember where I read it (I believe it was Cigar Aficionado).

The article discussed this exact concept. The writer was describing a recent trip in a taxi from a hotel in NYC to Newark Airport. Upon approaching his cab, the author realized its immaculate exterior without any dings or scratches. As he entered, the taxi driver began talking to him and asked which paper he would prefer (offering the USA Today or the NYT). The driver also offered different types of music (and radio stations) and paid extra attention to the ambiance of the interior. After having the greatest ride to the airport, the author gave the taxi driver a large tip. Upon exiting, he learned that the driver was making thousands of dollars extra a year from tips based on his initiative to provide a greater experience. He overdeliver on a seemingly bland experience, and was rewarded for his efforts.

Overdelivering on promises is a great way to build your reputation as somebody who is reliable, committed and ready to take something the extra mile to make it better.


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This reminds me of some articles a bit ago about how companies with better customer service get bigger increases in stock price. This book is covers that, among other things

And when people get great service they talk about and word of mouth is some of the best advertising.

Here’s some London School of Econ stats

Comment by Darin Friedrichs

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