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Attitude vs. Aptitude
September 7, 2007, 1:05 am
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As I was sitting in class the other day, the professor started discussing a variety of real world situations. He mentioned the idea that when hiring, employers favor Attitude over Aptitude. I couldn’t agree more.

Aptitude is the innate ability to learn quickly. As each year passes, more and more candidates for different types of jobs graduate, and the chances of nailing the dream job get smaller. Given the fact that these candidates have graduated from a secondary education system, it can be assumed that they all have some form of innate intelligence, Aptitude.

It is attitude, however, that sets the best apart from everybody else. Each new employee at a company receives the exact same training, and everyone is placed in the exact same boat. All of these employees will have similiar a similar aptitude. In order to stand out, one must have the right attitude towards everything.

A positive attitude is the best attitude. Although it is not possible to be 100% positive and cheery all the time, it is important to remember that attitude shapes our thinking and mindset. Attitude also rubs of onto others, which is why we tend to stay away from negative people with bad attitudes. Whether positive or negative, attitude always gets noticed, both verbally and nonverbally.

Just as dressing the part is an important physical factor of setting oneself up for success, a great attitude towards the work environment, towards others and towards oneself is critical in preparing for a long and strong career.


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cant remember how i stumbled here, but its been nice. I look forward to reading ur views man. Insightful and truthful. Can really relate to what u saying .

greetings from Singapore,
Awh Aws

Comment by Awh Aws

thx a mill!!!!!!!! really useful for school work!!!! once again, thx!!!!

Comment by koon yee

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