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the element of mystery
August 12, 2007, 6:04 am
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This has been a recurring theme in my life for the last two-three weeks. We recently held a summit for our top executives on the client side, and the speaker I helped coordinate was none other than Dr. Clotaire G. Rapaille. Speaking with a background in psychology, one of his strong points was the importance of the element of mystery in business. This was also mentioned by Martin Lindstrom, a marketing guru who emphasizes the use of sensory branding in the development of solid brands. He makes examples of Coca Cola and KFC, brands who keep their ingredients shrouded under a cloud of mystery. A more contemporary example is Apple, with their campaign for the recently released iPhone. To add to this plethora of people supporting this idea, Kevin Roberts recently mentioned that it was mystery which has made the Harry Potter series so intriguing.

I think all of these are true. Another great example of the intrigue in mystery comes from the music industry. I recently went to a Daft Punk concert here in New York and, after some research, realized that their “schtick” is very well constructed. Daft Punk is an electronic music duo that, according to the story, was transformed into robots. Their new identities are the leather suits and custom made helmets that they wear everywhere.

Daft Punk

So who is Daft Punk? Their identities are kept very secret, which in turn attracts people to their style and music. Call it a “schtick” if you please, but I think that this concept was very intelligently created, and without it the group wouldn’t have been as successful as they have become.

What kinds of mysteries have attracted you?


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A few years ago when my father died, my mother was holding one hand and my sister was hoding the other. There was nowhere for me to go, so I knelt at the bottom of the bed and held onto Dad’s feet. At the moment that he died, I felt an undescribable surge of energy pass through my body as if I was standing under the space shuttle as it took off to the sky. My father had died of stomach cancer. All that week I cried in my bed at night. One night I distinctly felt a teardrop on my toe. My feet were under the blanket. My toe was dry to the touch. I believe it was a sign that he was sharing my pain. The same hour on the day that my father died, a candle my aunt had lit in a church went out. The day my mother died I pulled open the curtains to a beautiful morning, but there were no birds singing. I got a phonecall 5 minutes later to say she had passed away. The day my dog died I felt my heart sag and a twinge in the stomach as I thought of him even though I was 1500 miles away. At 3pm I got a call to tell me what I already knew. These are more than coincidences. One night remembering my father, I raised my hands up in bed and begged God to give me a gift to heal people, not thinking for one moment that anything would happen. Soon after strange things began to happen. I could feel power in my hands and feet. I was like holding a warm tennis ball. For several years I kept quiet about it fearing that I had finally ‘Lost it’ until someone introduced me to Reiki, a Japanese Spiritual Art of Healing.
Here I learnt how to control the incredible energy I was was given and put it to use for a Good purpose. For several years I worked on friends who had suffered with ailments. One of them was a 76 year old woman who suffered badly from MS. After a couple of sessions, she told me she’d been running around the house decorating for two weeks!!!! Shoulder pains, headaches, arm aches, I’ve shifted plenty. The funny thing is that I was more astonished than they were at the outcome. I can feel the energy with my hands through clothes without even touching the individual. People have told me they feel nice sensations of Ice, warmth, Fire, Wind, for which I have no explanation. All I can say is none of it works without Prayer. Prayer to me is the most sacred mystery of all. I have never had a prayer unanswered. I have not always liked the answer I got, but that is besides the point because the answer I get is always the best solution. I am just very careful what I pray for now and prefer to give prayer as a gift. How the prayers are used is not up to me. I am merely a channel. just like a piece of electrical wire, I have no power unless it is given, and for that I have to keep myself connected to the Great Spirit in the Sky.
You can pass me in the street and you’d never even know all this. I like it that way.

Comment by Kevin Gordon

hey, when I was a kid I loved the band Kiss. Thay were never seen in public without their kabuki style makeup.

When the time came for the band to take the makeup off and play cognito the mystery was over – like seeing a card trick explained. Never quite the same after that.

These days I ask myself, ‘Did I really like Kiss?’
It’s a mystery (wrapped in an enigma).

I like your blog – exploring ideas out lound and in public. Thanks to KR Connect for the link.

Comment by David MacGregor

The following are mysteries that attract me:

1. Why did Carmen Electra sleep with Dennis Rodman?

2. Are the Irish better at drinking Vodka than Russians (or Poles)?

3. Why is it that both people from Japan and Great Britain have awful teeth? Is there some sort of industrially advanced island nation syndrome that causes them to have shitty teeth?

4. Why does American beer (excluding microbrews) suck so much?

5. Are all male vegetarians gay or did they just have their balls cut off?

These are the things that keep me up at night.


Piotr RULES.

Comment by CDub

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